CircleNerdz & Trunk Bound Regime present: The Funktion with special guest MZK!

1:38PM Saturday, Jul 7

Come out and get your groove on with the CircleNerdz, Trunk Bound and MZK!

Come and show your support!

Thanks for all the support!

Master Class at TGS Gymnastic & Dance

10:16PM Monday, Apr 16

We want to say thank you to TGS for allowing us to teach a master class to their students! Truely a great experience! Stay tuned for more upcoming events!

Thanks for all the support!

Official Fan page (FaceBook) of CircleNerdz!

11:26PM Wednesday, Aug 17

How's everyone doing?!

We would like to inform everyone that we now have a official facebook for CircleNerdz! Please feel free to drop by and "like" us and become a "fan"! CircleNerdz Fan Page


Gem City Next Gem (Youth bboy/bgirl battle)

7:30PM Monday, May 2

Hello everyone!

On Friday May 6th, 2011 Circle Nerdz will be bringing to you first youth battle in Dayton, Oh! We strive to maintain the true spirit of hip hop culture! Youth are the next generation and we need to teach them and share our knowledge with them!

For more info click on the link Gem City Next Gem!

Thanks for the support,

Ox Fest Music Festival

9:12PM Wednesday, Apr 13

A warm welcome from Circlenerdz

Heres a update for this weekend April 16th. We will be performing in Oxford, OH! It's for Oxfords annual music festival! Come out and show us love! Thanks too everyone always for showing support for us and what we do!


Video Shoot News

9:00PM Friday, Apr 8

Your friendly Dyt Nerdz are here with some news! Vince-ability/Cnyle of Circlenerdz and Tyquan/Flex of MZK just repped the set of local Mr. Perfect video shoot! Stay tune for updates on the release and until then God Bless!


News and Updates

9:13PM Sunday, Feb 20

Hello everyone! CIRCLENERDZ coming to you live from Dayton, Mason, Bowling Greene and abilene, texas! Just a reminder we have a few shows coming up these next couple of months, so make sure to check our events page for info! Also, we have a bboy/bgirl jam on may 6th for 17years and younger to participate, there will be a free battle workshop before the battle! Make sure to stay tune for more upcoming events!


Newest Member! Quillombo Street Sessions

7:30PM Thursday, Dec 16

We all just want to CONGRATULATE Andy (FEOROK) for becoming the newest member of circlenerdz! He did an amazing 14 round battle initiation, so big ups to FEOROK! To all Circlenerdz, let's keep hip hop alive!

Also we donate our services to community center on 700 xenia ave. where feorok works! Mon and Wed come on out for bboy/popping lessons, keeping the faith alive!


Multiple Performances and Merchandise!

12:00AM Friday, Sep 10

As you all know Circlenerdz is sponsored by Powell Dance Academy (classes taught by Vinceable of Circlenerdz)! Also he will be teaching at Howard School of Dance with (Guest appearances by Cnyle of Circlenerdz)! Also Circlenerdz will be performing at Vex nite club on Oct 23th and the Filipino Halloween party on Oct 31! Check back for more details!

Also we have shirts for sale by one of our sponsors AO4! These were dedicated to the Circlenerdz so show us some love!

Price: $15.00
Shirt Size:

Carillon Park Performance & Merchandise for sale!

12:00AM Thursday, Sep 2

Circlenerdz coming to you live from Dayton, OH!
Vinceable & Cnyle of Circlenerdz just recently performed at Carillon park! Click on the link for Dayton Daily News Article: Carillon Park Performance!
Shout outs to Tyquan(VP MZK), Kelsa(VFT), Clypse(20/20), Stoney D, Elonzo, Charles, JD, Skyfresh!
Also we have shirts for sale by one of our sponsors AO4! These were dedicated to the Circlenerdz so show some love!

Price: $15.00
Shirt Size:

Merchandise For Sale & Newest Member!

12:00AM Tuesday, Jul 6

Hello Circlenerdz fans! We want to welcome our newest member at the age of 10 Bboy beat-bender (Julian)! He battled his way into the crew taking on the entire Circlenerdz and now becoming one himself! Plus this just in! We will now be promoting & selling merchandise for one of our sponsors, Art of 4 Clothing. To kick it off, you will find the first design for sale below which is dedicated to us! This design was made by our very own bboy Cnyle (Francisco), and features a rising sun, a silhouetted cityscape of downtown Dayton, OH (Dayton represent!!), and a bboy in the center of the rising sun.

Price: $15.00
Shirt Size:

Circlenerdz *Urgent Quest*

5:19PM Sunday, May 16

This past weekend was a busy weekend for the Circlenerdz! We the Circlenerdz and Venus Fly Traps performed Friday at court house square with Rev Cool Arkestra/Dance ensemble! That Friday night Bboy Cnyle of the Circlenerdz battled at Re:Definition 2 hosted by Tyquan(Vp MZK)/Beatstreet Culture! Cnyle made top 16 out of 32! Saturday night Circlenerdz, Zulu kingz and Venus Fly Traps performed again with the Rev Cool Arkestra at Gilly's!

P.S. Vince-able, Detention, Floorology, Cnyle and Ronin of Circlenerdz saw Ironman 2...we give it 10 thumbs up!

Enjoy the the weather

Circlenerdz at C-space

7:34PM Monday, May 3

Circlenerdz coming to you live from Ohio! We'll be making an appearance at C-space Friday May 7 for a little event! Come join in the fun and watch circlenerdz do what they do best bboy with a smile!


Upcoming Events

12:00AM Friday, Mar 5

Hey everyone Circlenerdz here, we'll be performing this weekend Saturday March 6at Hammerjaxx for the Ecstasy event! Come and join in on the fun! Also stay tuned for more updates on other upcoming events we have!


Day with the Circlenerdz

6:27PM Tuesday, Dec 22

Circlenerdz just watched the newly released Avatar! This was a day off post haha, we all have to have fun sometime! Since there was four us we give it eight thumbs up! Seriously it's a very fun and enjoyable movie and we recommend everyone should watch it! Although we didn't get to experience it in full 3D, maybe next time!

Upcoming Battle

6:26PM Tuesday, Dec 22

Hey everyone just giving a heads up that coming up this Feb. will be 2 bboy events! First will be in Cincinnati, Oh it will be a 3-on-3 battle! The second will be in Bloomington, IN it will be a 1-0n-1 battle! We'll keep everyone informed when we recieve more info! Thanks for tuning in!


Circlenerdz battling

6:15PM Tuesday, Dec 22

Hey everyone its your favorite fun loving bboy crew Circlenerdz! Just recently the 4 main members held it down at Re: Definition hosted by one of our bros Tyquan (Vp: MZK) on Nov.13th 2009!  Vincible and Cnyle participated and were 2 of the 25 bboys that registered to take part in the battle! Vincible made it to the top 16 bboys and Cnyle made it to top 8 bboys! Overall a great battle and event and thanks to all of you who show Circlenerdz support!


Added "Events" Page

1:31PM Thursday, Sep 3

We added a new section called "Events" to let everyone know about upcoming events that CircleNerdz will be performing or attending. Hopefully this will make it easier for those of you that always have to ask us when our next show is! The Events page is not finished yet but you can see it from the navigation on the site. We will post another news post when the page is finished!

~ floorology

News Articles

6:04PM Friday, May 8

We have been mentioned (nothing big) in some news articles! Check it out:

Pearl Nite Club!

3:26AM Monday, Nov 10

Hey everyone!

In case anyone is interested, Tuesday nights are Ladies 80's night at Pearl Nite Club in Dayton and its a rockin time! We normally come out every Tuesday to break it down and there is also a pretty fun crowd dancing it up 80's style. If you're ever sitting around on a Tuesday night stop on out and have a good time! Here is the address should you need directions:

Pearl Nite Club
101 S. Saint Clair St.
Dayton, OH 45402

Summer Practice Schedule

10:46PM Thursday, Jul 10

The practice schedule has been changed up a little for th summer. Here are the days, times, and locations of Circle Nerdz bboy practice for the summer until August 20th, 2008:

Both practices are located at the Wright State University Student Union.

Mondays - 6pm-9pm (Studio C)
Wednesdays - 6pm-9pm (Studio C)