Welcome To The Official Circle Nerdz Website

Welcome to the official CircleNerdz bboy crew website! Here you will find Pictures and Videos of the CircleNerdz crew as well as Tutorials, Music we like to break to, and News about us. The website is a work in progress so come back often to see what's new that we have to offer.


CircleNerdz & Trunk Bound Regime present: The Funktion with special guest MZK! - 1:38PM Saturday, Jul 7

Master Class at TGS Gymnastic & Dance - 10:16PM Monday, Apr 16

Official Fan page (FaceBook) of CircleNerdz! - 11:26PM Wednesday, Aug 17

Gem City Next Gem (Youth bboy/bgirl battle) - 7:30PM Monday, May 2

Ox Fest Music Festival - 9:12PM Wednesday, Apr 13

Video Shoot News - 9:00PM Friday, Apr 8

News and Updates - 9:13PM Sunday, Feb 20

Newest Member! Quillombo Street Sessions - 7:30PM Thursday, Dec 16

Multiple Performances and Merchandise! - 12:00AM Friday, Sep 10

Carillon Park Performance & Merchandise for sale! - 12:00AM Thursday, Sep 2

Merchandise For Sale & Newest Member! - 12:00AM Tuesday, Jul 6

Circlenerdz *Urgent Quest* - 5:19PM Sunday, May 16

Circlenerdz at C-space - 7:34PM Monday, May 3

Upcoming Events - 12:00AM Friday, Mar 5

Day with the Circlenerdz - 6:27PM Tuesday, Dec 22

Upcoming Battle - 6:26PM Tuesday, Dec 22

Circlenerdz battling - 6:15PM Tuesday, Dec 22

Added "Events" Page - 1:31PM Thursday, Sep 3

News Articles - 6:04PM Friday, May 8

Pearl Nite Club! - 3:26AM Monday, Nov 10

Summer Practice Schedule - 10:46PM Thursday, Jul 10